Outboard Motor Control Cables

Choose the right size control cables for your vessel from the list of products below.

How to Measure Control Cable Length For initial installations, measure the distances A and B along an unobstructed path to the throttle and/or gear connection. To calculate the recommended cable length, add A and B together and add an extra 600mm for loop to connect to outboard, then round up to the next cable length. The extra 600mm loop at the front of the engine will allow unrestricted steering movement.

Cable bends for most cables should not be less than 150mm radius. Cable bends using Honda low friction cables can be as low as 100mm radius but it should be noted that tight radii increase friction. Care should be taken to avoid unnecessary cable bends because each bend adds to a cable’s friction and lost motion.

For replacement cable installations simply remove the cable from the boat and measure the cable..

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